4th of July Specials

Pick up date is for July 3rd only. The bakery will be closed on Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th.

ImageNameDescriptionPriceQuick View
"Happy 4th of July" WC Label$2.00$2.75Order
10% OFF - 4 PC Breakfast Pastry BoxContains: 1 Apple D’Lish, 1 Bear Claw, 1 Raspberry Coffee Cake & 1 Raisin Scone              $9.85 $8.86Order
10% OFF - 4 PC Dessert BoxContains: 1 Strudel Square, 1 Tiramisu, 1 Truffle Slice & 1 White Chocolate Mousse Slice              $17.83 $16.05Order
10% OFF - 4 PC Muffin BoxContains: 1 banana walnut, 1 blueberry, 1 chocolate chip and 1 raspberry cream cheese.$9.40 $8.46Order
10% OFF - 6 PC Breakfast Pastry BoxTop 6 customer favorites, containing: 1 Almond Croissant, 1 Apple Almond Coffee Cake, 1 Bonita Bun, 1 Cheese Danish, 1 Plain Cinnamon Roll & 1 Plain Croissant.       …$15.80 $14.22Order
10% OFF - 6 PC Choc. Dipped StrawberriesFresh strawberries dipped in ganache and drizzled with white chocolate.$11.34 $10.21Order
10% OFF - 7 PC Dessert BoxTop 7 customer favorites, contains: 1 Cannoli, 1 Chocolate Eclair, 2 Chocolate Truffle Balls, 1 Fresh Fruit Croissant, 1 Fresh Fruit Tart and 1 Lemon Bar         …$17.44 $15.70Order
3" Blueberry Jam Cheesecake3″ individual size cheesecake with a cookie crust, topped with blueberry jam, whipped cream, fresh raspberries and blueberries.$4.50Order
4th Sp: 6 PC Cupcake6 Vanilla cupcakes, dipped in dark and white chocolate, decorated with non edible red, white and blue cupcake picks$12.00 $11.40Order
4th Sp: 9" Fresh Fruit ShellSugar coated puff pastry base, chocolate ganache coating, bavarian and topped with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.$29.75Order
4th Sp: Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream CakeVanilla cake with Bavarian cream. DECOR: Rasp. jam spread, FF topping (strawberries and blueberries ONLY) whipped cream and crushed white chocolate shavings on sides of cake.$33.74$44.74Order
US Flag CakeDecorated with strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and broken chocolate shavings Flavor descriptions: White Chocolate Mousse/Raspberry – vanilla cake layered with a thin spread of raspberry jam and white chocolate mousse …$30.99$49.99Order


ImageNameDescriptionPriceQuick View
Apple StrudelPuff pastry filled with a spiced apple filling. DECOR: Snow powder$33.50Order
Black Forest StrudelSugared puff pastry layered with chocolate ganache, chocolate Bavarian cream, cherry pie filling and Kirsch cream, top decorated with dark chocolate shavings, maraschino cherries & lightly dusted with snow powder.$32.00Order
Cherry StrudelSugar coated puff pastry layered with cherry pie filling and whipped cream.$32.00Order
Fresh Fruit StrudelSugared puff pastry topped with Bavarian cream and freshly cut strawberries, apricots, kiwis, and blueberries.$29.99Order
Mocha StrudelSugared puff pastry layered with chocolate ganache, Bavarian & mocha cream, top drizzled with chocolate plus sugared almonds sprinkled on top.$32.00Order
Napoleon StrudelSugar coated puff pastry layered with rasp. jam, bavarian cream and whipped cream. DECOR: snow powder, white choc. shavings & a few half cut strawberries.$32.00Order
Tropical StrudelSugared puff pastry layered with rasp., lemon & apricot jam topped with Orange Bav. Cream. DECOR: Whipped cream, shredded coconut, a few fruit garnish.$32.00Order


ImageNameDescriptionPriceQuick View
10" Dark Chocolate RaspberryChoc. cake layered with raspberry jam. DECOR: Choc. truffle and ganache drip, fresh raspberries.$39.99Order
7" Belgian Chocolate Truffle CakeChoc. cake filled & iced with truffle filling (whipped ganache) & finished with ganache glaze.$32.75Order
7" Black Forest CakeChoc. cake filled with cherry pie filling, dark choc. & kirsch mousse. Decor: Whipped cream, choc. sprinkles, dark & white choc. shavings, maraschino cherries.$28.99Order
7" Carrot CakeSpiced cake with shredded carrots, walnuts, almonds, layered & frosted with cream cheese icing. DECOR: cake-nut crumbs, sugar carrots and sprinkle of chopped walnuts.$32.75Order
7" Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mousse CakeChoc. cake layered with a choc. cream cheese macadamia nut mousse. DECOR: whipped cream, choc. sprinkles, fudge drizzle, choc. pieces & chopped macadamia nuts.$29.99Order
7" Coconut Pineapple CakeMarble cake layered with a light coconut bavarian (contains pineapple bits) filling. DECOR: Whipped cream, toasted coconut & pineapple pieces$27.99Order
7" Columbian Mocha Butter Cream CakeVanilla & choc. cake layered & iced with a coffee flavored European buttercream. DECOR: Ganache drip, choc. sprinkles & chocolate coated coffee candy.$29.99Order
7" Dark Chocolate Mousse CakeChocolate cake filled with dark chocolate mousse. DECOR: Whipped cream, dark choc. shavings, 1/2 cut strawberries and choc. decor pieces.$27.99Order
7" German Chocolate CakeChoc. cake filled with our own German Chocolate filling (contains chocolate & almonds). DECOR: Choc. BC, cake-nut crumbs, german choc. filling & whole almonds.$29.99Order
7" Plain Cheese CakeNew York style cheesecake with a cookie crust. Decor: cake-nut crumbs on sides with whipped cream rosettes.$27.75Order
7" Tres Leches CakeVanilla chiffon sponge soaked heavily in 3 types of milk (evaporated milk, condensed milk & heavy cream). DECOR: Bavarian cream, whipped cream, toasted coconut, fresh raspberries$16.99Order
7" White Chocolate Mousse w/ Rasp Jam CakeVanilla cake layered with a spread of raspberry jam and white choc. mousse. DECOR: Whipped cream & white chocolate shavings.$28.99Order
8" Pineapple Upside Down CakeVanilla crumb cake baked with pineapples and sweet spiced butter, decorated maraschino cherries and apricot glaze.$11.99Order
Strawberry Mousse CakeVanilla cake filled with strawberry mousse, decorate with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings.$29.99$46.85Order
Tiramisu CakeVanilla and choc. chiffon sponge soaked in rum coffee syrup layered with a light mascarpone mousse. DECOR: cocoa powder$25.00$43.75Order

Prefix Cake Designs

ImageNameDescriptionPriceQuick View
Birthday Cake Design - Quinns & SprinklesOur simple but fun birthday cake design comes iced with whipped cream and decorated with a mixed quinns* and sprinkles*  $27.99$42.00Order

Coffee Cakes, Pounds Cakes and More…

ImageNameDescriptionPriceQuick View
6PC Cupcake Special6 pc cupcakes each topped with whipped cream and chocolate covered strawberries! Your choice of vanilla or chocolate cupcakes.  $15.00Order
Brownie BoxTraditional brownie topped with fudge icing & chopped walnuts, cut into bite sized pieces.$11.25Order
Chocolate Almond SliceChocolate cake mixed with ground almonds and almond paste, sliced & dusted with powdered sugar. Each package contains: 12 slices$6.99Order
Chocolate Chunk Tea CakeHeart shaped vanilla cakes w/ chocolate chunk dispersed throughout, dusted with powdered sugar.  $7.85Order
Chocolate Dipped Peanut Bar PackChocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Bar cut into 12 bite sized pieces. Each package contains: 20 pieces$10.99Order
Large Coffee CakeVanilla crumb cake, great for breakfast or tea. We currently offer 2 flavors: Blueberry or Apple Serves approximately 6 – 8.$8.79$11.25Order
Pound Cake Slices$5.85Order

Miscellaneous Additions

ImageNameDescriptionPriceQuick View
Gingerbread Boys with M&MsOur famous ginger boy cookies available ALL YEAR ROUND!$1.95Order
White Chocolate Label: Happy BirthdayAn edible print mounted on a 3″ white chocolate disc.$2.75Order