• A cute centerpiece for your Thanksgiving buffet! Approximately 4" in diameter. Serves about 4 - 6. Flavor: Pumpkin flavored cake. All decor done with cream cheese frosting and fondant.
  • Our famous butter cookie dipped in an array of fall colored white chocolate.
  • This 6 pc box contains 3 Red Velvet (coated in dark chocolate ) & 3 Malt Caramel (coated in white chocolate). Decorated with fall themed sprinkles.
  • Sale!
    Only for the holiday season... 3 Red velvet  & 3 Carrot cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing, toasted coconut & cake crumbs, fall sprinkles & edible fall leaves. NB: To expedite the pick up line, we are not accepting any modifications/changes to this item.
  • 9″ Whole Pies

    Choose from our 6 flavors. Images are arranged in order... Apple - comes with sugared puff pastry top Cherry - comes with a sugared puff pastry top Chocolate Pecan - regular Pecan with chocolate chips Dutch Apple - comes with a streusel topping Pecan Pumpkin NB: Hans and Harry's handles nuts on a daily basis. Due to the high volume of orders, we are unable to accommodate any nut or gluten allergy requests.
  • This item is available after November 15th. Complement your holiday dinner with our seasonal favorite, buttery, flaky rolls! Qty: 6 in each bag
  • Pumpkin bundt topped with cream cheese icing and toasted pumpkin seeds. serves approximately 10 - 12 people.  
  • Thanksgiving Cake

    DESIGN: A half moon design with french macaroons, buttercream rosettes, gumpaste fall decor on a vanilla buttercream iced cake Choose between 2 flavors & sizes: Vanilla Cake layered Bavarian filling or Chocolate Cake layered Dark Chocolate Mousse (7" - serves  8 - 10) (10" - serves 16 - 20)
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